Rugby League Around the World

Rugby is an exciting and fast-moving contact sport played in many countries around the world. The central countries being England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales France and Italy in the Northern hemisphere with quite a few more nations also playing rugby. In the Southern hemisphere, the leading countries are South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentine. As in the northern hemisphere, there are quite a few other countries playing rugby.

Playing, training and coaching methods have also changed. Rugby is not only played by men today but also played and followed by women. Ladies rugby is going from strength to strength.

More young people are getting involved in Rugby and as a result, more teams are being formed. With more youngsters participating it has a real positive, knock-on effect, more teams are made as a result creating more opportunities for people to play. It also creates a conveyor belt situation with the youngsters progressing as they age until they are ready to join adult teams.


Like online casinos, this sport is a prevalent spectator sport in England, Australia and New Zealand but is also played in many other nations. It is very similar to Rugby Union. In fact, the rules of Rugby League were created in 19th Century England as a split from the Rugby Football Union. Unlike in American Football, players do not wear protective gear and consequently, rugby league is a highly dangerous game. This also makes it great fun to watch.


The game aims to get the ball past the other side’s goal line (similar to a touchdown zone in American Football). Instead of a touchdown this is called a try and is worth 4 points. 2 points are awarded if a goal is scored and after scoring a try, the team has the chance to convert a goal. Goals can also be scored in the regular run of play by half-volleying the ball between the goal bars. Each game lasts for 80 minutes and each team has six tackles or downs to aim to score a try. Unlike in American Football, players can only pass backward not forward. Just the player holding the ball is allowed to be tackled by the defending team. If the ball is dropped onto the ground by the attacking team, then play immediately switches known as a handover and the defending team gets to attack. Not only do fans like to watch the games but some punters also enjoy rugby league betting.


Aside from the rugby league world cup, the rugby league four nations that is Australia, England, New Zealand and Wales is probably the most famous international tournament.

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